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Is Death the End as Some Contend?

Our Lofty National Debt

A Letter to My Great-Great-Grandchildren, 2003


A Walk Down Memory Lane

Grandfather, Tell Me More: An Insider's View of the 20th Century

Anecdotes that Span the 20th Century


Friendly Forest Stories




Original Poetic Works by Leo VanMeer

Leo VanMeer's Poetry


VanMeer-Gulden Family History

VanMeer-Gulden Family Tree

Rose and Leo's Honeymoon!

David, Walter, and Leo VanMeer: Three Generations

VanMeer Family Burial Plot

The 1926 Florida Hurricane

Returning to Michigan

My Two Marriages

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The Website of Leo VanMeer!!

Leo VanMeer: 1907-2006

At age 98, Leo VanMeer moved on and now knows the answer to the question he posed in his article Is Death the End as Some Contend? He will be missed; but his website will continue to bring joy and knowledge for many decades to come.


The VanMeer family at the beach during the 1950s. Left to Right: Rosemary, Rose, Gretchen, Leo, with Mary in the front.

This site includes six distinct categories:

  • Natural Gardening (How to garden without using any pesticides!)
  • Articles on Many Topics
  • A walk down memory lane. (Heartwarming anecdotes from 97-year-old Leo VanMeer, who saw the 20th Century unfold almost from the beginning.)
  • Friendly Forest Stories (Children's stories that Leo wrote, from the mid-1930s to the mid-1940s for The Michigan Farmer magazine.)
  • Original Poetic Works by Leo VanMeer
  • The VanMeer-Gulden Family Tree and historical information. Leo VanMeer married Rose Gulden in 1929, and they have left a wonderful legacy of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren.

Leo VanMeer
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